The only asphalt shoes that allows you to work on 365F° asphalt for more than an hour without burning your feet.

Durable, choose Asphalt profi

Why Schutze Schuhe?

Working with Schutze schutze asphalt profi leads to indirect financial benefits by reducing costs associated with accidents, improving productivity, ensuring compliance, and enhancing reputation.

SCHÜTZE ASPHALT-PROFI safety shoes are the only ones that allow employees to work on hot asphalt for more than an hour without compromising health and safety is a bold statement. While safety shoes are designed to protect workers and provide comfort in various work environments, it's important to note that no single shoe can guarantee absolute protection or prolonged endurance in extreme conditions.

                                                                                                         "Once you go blue you won't go back"

                                                                                                  Made in Austria !!