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With tremendous succes Schutze Schuhe intoduced their asphalt paving boots in 2006. To date Schutze Schuhe has a fairly market share in the asphalt paving construction company's in Europe.


In 2007 Vellinga Safetyshoes introduced the asphaltprofi in the dutch road construction. After thorough testing with reputable companies sales has started to increase rapidly. The users are only positive about Schutze Schuhe asphalt shoes. It is a revolution in road construction! The secret is in the patented sole construction. The ability to absorb heat ensures that the user can continuous walk the hot asphalt.


Schutze Schuhe asphalt paving boots can partialy absorb the vibrations / resonance of the asphalt paving machine. This will prevent the "wierd" feeling in the legs. The shoes are lightweight, flexible and have an excellent fit. The walking charasterics are great thanks to the (striking blue) flat absorbing sole. Thanks to the great quality of the leather the shoes have a long life and will maintain their fit. The leather surface is protected with scotchgard 3M which makes them water and dirt resistant.

The asfalt safety shoes are certified according the european EN 20345 S2 safety standard.

Shoes are available with or without steel toecap.

Let's Beat the heat!

ASPHALT PRO SHOES   The Original with the Blue Sole

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